Debut album release 16th of May

We are more than happy to announce the digital release date of our debut album Memories Look At Me. On Friday the 16th of May you can gather your whole family and all your friends to celebrate our release!


When we decided to make an album we knew we wanted to create a whole rather than just put together a bunch of songs. Since the seasons in the nordic countries vary so much and have such a great impact on our daily lives, it was quite natural that the seasons became the framework for the album. Without trying to copy Vivaldi too much of course.

As we were looking through our songs we soon realized that several followed a theme about loss and growing up, and that the song’s separate stories together also created a story which fitted into the framework of the seasons.

The album then developed into a story about a year in someone’s life. A year that begins on a youthful and careless summer night, followed by the doubts and crisis of a darkening autumn, goes into the dark and cold winter, wakes up in a lightening spring and then finally ends on a happy, but perhaps more insightful, summer evening. We hope this album, in that manner, will symbolize growing up and learning about the losses in life.

The album title was inspired by the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer’s memoir since we felt it was in tune with the album’s theme of growing up and discovering life.
We hope you will enjoy our debut album!

”Inom mig bär jag mina tidigare ansikten, som ett träd har sina årsringar. Det är summan av dem som är 'jag'. Spegeln ser bara mitt senaste ansikte, jag känner av alla mina tidigare.”  
- Tomas Tranströmer