Thoughts on upcoming "What if it breaks"

Days like these are meant for pride and joy. Days like these are dedicated to the will of searching, achieving and actualizing something we are passionate about. 
Personally I remember clearly when the beginning of our newest single/EP ”What if it breaks” took place. Sitting in the tiny rehearsal room in Turku, Markus mentioned that he had ideas to a duet for Timshel. And then he played the chords and sang the melody. I instantly fell in love with the song. I felt the possibilities in it. But I honestly didn’t, even in my wildest or most eccentric dreams, think that ”It will be around” would become a song that gives goose bumps. And doing so every single time. Regardless of performing it or listening to it.

As for ”What if breaks”, the first track on our new CD. Markus shared his ideas to the song during the same rehearsal as mentioned above. Its lyrics and melody are brilliant and it is simply catchy and makes one doing latent dance moves. And many hours in the studio has resulted in what I believe is, at the moment, a track that represents the sound of Timshel the most.

Undoubtedly ”What if it breaks” is a milestone to Timshel. It has been a process, which has developed us as much as being a significant event in laying our step stones for the future. Because as the explanation of timshel made by John Steinbeck suggests, our road is open. It is for us to be discovered. With “What if it breaks” we have molded our open road a bit. And as we walk forward it will remain as a brightly shining neon sign in a desert. This is a beginning to something else. That is my gut feeling. 


"What if it breaks" will be digitally released tomorrow. More info here: Digital release of What if it breaks