The beginning of the end of summer

The number of updates this summer isn't really proportional to how much has been going on. I guess you have more time to update when there isn't that much to do. Anyhow we are going to try and make a video/picture update that will sum up the summer, so keep your eyes out for that!

Yesterday we had a photo shoot with Unger & Martins, and the results are looking excellent!
Here is a first picture, and you'll find a couple more here: Frank A Unger.

Next week will be one busy week for the Timshel brothers. 

First of all we'll be in the studio every day, working through correspondence with a producer/mixer from Sweden. This is very exciting since the producer is really good, and we haven't had any help from the outside before.

And on Thursday we have arranged a concert at Leipätehdas/Brödfabriken in Vaasa, where we and our friends Roy and the Fishermen will be playing. We will be playing new material, and the set-up will be our largest so far with Markus, Patrick, Petter, Olli, Sebastian and Daniel. It will be one heck of a party, so check it out here: Timshel with friends.

That's all for now. 

All good,