GBOB and Popturnén

These have been exciting and busy days for Timshel. Thursday we participated in the semi-finals for Popturnén, which is a band competition where the price is a gig at Popkalaset this summer. We won the semi-finals and will therefore be playing at the finals in Vaasa 11th of May. It was a great night, and it was nice to hear some other local talents. Check out Max in the Crowd, for example, if you want to hear some fine ska-punk!

Last night we played in the finals of a different band competition, GBOB in Circus, Helsinki. We didn´t win, (congrats to Lost Society!) but it was a really great experience and we received good feedback from the jury. The finals will be televised in about two weeks, but we will return with more details about that later.

The GBOB stage in Circus

Take care!