Changes and GBOB Final!

There are some changes going on in the Timshel camp now.
Due to the fact that Sebastian, our bass player, lives so far away from everyone else and therefore isn´t available to come play with us that often, we have decided to replace him with Patrick who has played with us whenever Sebastian couldn´t. We were all aware of that it would come to this one day, it is difficult to maintain a band that is so geographically spread out. So no hard feelings.
Even though it is sad that Sebastian won´t be playing bass with us anymore, we are very glad that Patrick were willing to become our permanent bass-player and it felt natural since he´s been playing with us a great deal and already feels as a member. This way it is also easier to focus on the band, when everyone knows their place.
And we are not letting go of Sebastian completely, he will remain as a co-writer/arranger and multi-instrumentalist which we are very happy for! So you will still hear his touch on the songs.

So thank you Sebastian for your time as a bass-player in Timshel, you´ve grooved us good and we´ll see you in the summer on the bongos! ;)
And welcome Patrick, we are happy to have your skillful playing in Timshel!

On other notes, we are happy to announce that Timshel is through to the GBOB final in Helsinki! We did not expect this and we are overwhelmed with the good feedback we received after the semi-final. So thank you again, and we´ll see you in Helsinki 14.4!

Take Care!