After two very intense weeks during the Christmas holidays, this week has been much calmer. But, we haven´t gone into hibernation. We are still working on our two new songs, there are some harmonies left to record, and Petter is trying out different mixes. Since we´re not everyone at the same place, this takes some time, and it´s a lot of sending mixes and recordings back and forth. But we are getting there, and it´s sounding better and better.

On other notes, I am glad to announce that I (Markus) together with Daniel and Axel and Mathias from Roy and the Fishermen, have found an apartment in Turku which we will make into a studio/office. It will also become a sort of home for Timshel. And I think that the increased possibility of collaboration with the other guys, will be great for our music.
As soon as we have it ready in February I´ll upload some pictures from there.

Take care!