Christmas break!

All right guys, it's time for the next member to write something here.
Yesterday I came home from Piteå, Sweden, where I've been studying for like 5 months now, time flies!
One could think it's hard to keep up a band when the members are so far away from each other, but I have to say, it works pretty good these days. For example earlier this fall I recorded some backing vocals in my "home studio" in Piteå, and 10 minutes after I was done Petter was mixing them in Replot. And then we have skype-meetings every now and then, drinking coffee together (or at the same time) and planning the next step. So now when we'll all soon be in the same city we know exactly what to do. We'll be rehearsing as tiny pigs, we got a gig after christmas, December 28th at Doo bop club in Vasa, be there! And there'll be some recording sessions as well. So I'm really looking forward to work hard with the guys over the Christmas break.

Okay, well I think I'm the first in Timhsel to go on Christmas break so now I'm gonna eat a nice breakfast and just chillax 'til the rest of the boys get here. (Good luck with your last tests, Markus)

Take care, Merry Christmas and so on, and remember:

Best wishes
Sebastian "IggE"