Weekend gigs

If you´re in Turku or Vaasa this weekend, be sure to check out one of Timshel´s concerts.

On Friday Markus will hit the stage at Bar Kuka, Turku (http://www.barkuka.fi) to do an acoustic gig, with an extra guest playing keys. There will be some new songs and some new arrangements.


Early Saturday morning, Markus and the piano player will take the train up to Vaasa to meet up with the rest of the band and play a concert at Leipätehdas, Vaasa (http://www.leipatehdas.fi/), supporting The Irrationals (http://theirrationals.fi/). 
Our guitar player, Olli, will be out to sea, scrubbing decks, so therefore the man playing keys on Friday will also be playing with us on Saturday.

See you there!

Yours sincerely,