Rehearsals & Soundcheck

We just arrived back from our soundcheck at Kåren where we will be playing tonight during Råcktåberfest. The stage sound was really good, and I know it´s going to be a fantastic evening. We might even play a cover tonight, but it´s a secret which one.

Yesterday the whole band was gathered in Turku to practice. It was great to have a proper band practice which we haven´t had for some time now. We even tried out some completely new songs that aren´t finished yet, but soon will be.

At the moment we´re fueling up for the gig, me by writing this update, Olli by playing Pokemon and Petter by eating ice-cream.

To conclude: If you are in Turku tonight, you have no other option than to come to Kåren and watch Timshel!

/Timshel, Markus

ps. Yes, we now have an Iphone in the band. Therefore all the hipsta-pics.