This weekend there will be an event too great for anyone to miss: Råcktåberfest!
Six wonderful bands will gather at Kåren in Turku, to deliver some damn good original music. Among those bands you will find, except for Timshel, our friends "Roy And The Fishermen" shredding their electronic folkmetalpunkpop like crazy, and the very talented Jerry Lindqvist playing his beautiful songs with his sharp sounding band "The Grace".

Tickets are only 3€ (5€ at the door). You can still buy them on
Thursday 27.10 kl 11:45-13:15 at Gado, ASA(Fänriken), Arken
Friday 28.10 kl 11:45-13:15 at Gado, ASA(Fänriken), Arken, Kåren

If you want to buy the tickets straight out of Timshel´s hands, you should come to Gado on Friday where we will be selling both tickets and our demo.

See you on Råcktåberfest!