Timshel will make sure you have a good time without having to know any fancy dance moves other than the ones you were born with!

German TV

Pretty exciting news from Germany. Our video for Floating is being played twice a week on MTV Germany and is featured on their website. Fantastisch!

Floating also opens the show for new music videos at
Remember that you also can watch the video, made by Laura Mendelin, on youtube:

Live at Heart in Örebro

We had a great time in Örebro playing at Live at Heart. Now we will begin preparing for the release of our EP.

New video out!

If you can't go to Rio, you bring Rio home to the woods and have Laura Mendelin make a music video out of it.
Här kommer vår nya video. Stort tack till alla som hjälpt till!

Video by Laura Mendelin

Floating is from the Finnish-Swedish band Timshel’s upcoming EP ”Hubble Jive”, out in fall of 2016.

Costumes: Marina Nykamb & Samba Tropical ry
Samba-man: Christian Bertell

Videon är gjord med understöd från Svenska Kulturfonden.
Video made with support from Svenska Kulturfonden.

A huge thanks to: / Ett stort tack till:

Laura Mendelin, Christian Bertell, Marina Nykamb, Kristina Örn, Hillevi Lasén, Sofia Renkonen, Axel Brink, Sebastian Jacobson, Linn Sjöholm, Emma Ahlskog, Petronella Nordman, Samba Tropical ry och Svenska Kulturfonden.

Written and produced by Timshel and Sebastian Jacobson.
Recorded by Timshel, Sebastian Jacobson & Midas Productions at Fårskär studion and Midas Studios.
Mixed by Markus Sjöberg (STHLM Songs)
Mastered by Eric Broyhill (Monsterlab Audio)
Slide guitars by Erik Sjöholm
Keys by Daniel Ventus

New single Floating out now!

We are happy to present the official release of Timshel's new single Floating!


Studio time

This fall will be spent working on new material and we've had a fine weekend recording demos in a summer cottage.

Omni Sessions - Part 2: Wilco

We made a cover of the fantastic Wilco song 'Jesus etc.' for our Omni Sessions project.

Hope you enjoy!