Timshel will make sure you have a good time without having to know any fancy dance moves other than the ones you were born with!

TOP 5 2014


2014 is coming to an end. It has been a strange and quite turbulent year, both personally for many of us and politically looking at all the violence and xenophobia that seems to have spread. That said, it has also been a year of learning and of many great new experiences and news pointing in a more positive direction, the Finnish parliament's vote for equal marriage being one. Looking at what Timshel has done this year we conclude that during 2014 we have had the possibility to play shows in England and Denmark, released our debut album, played on national TV, played two big festivals in Sweden, been introduced by the Swedish rapper Dogge Doggelito, released a new single with our friends at 100 Songs, learned to play one of our songs on bottles, and we will finish this year by playing one heck of a show at Holiday Show at Ritz in our hometown Vaasa next week.

2015 will bring some changes and challenges for Timshel, what these are will become more clear later. One thing is sure, there will be more music by Timshel! Until then you can enjoy the top 5 songs that the members have been listening to this year in our spotify playlist!
Huge thanks to all for this year and we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!








Exploring new land

We are exploring new land untouched by Timshel tomorrow. Markus will be playing two acoustic sets at Cafe Retro in Copenhagen on Friday night at 20:30. Swing by if you happen to be nearby!

And on Sunday he continues to Pustervik in Gothenburg to play a couple of songs.

Glad lilla jul, hyvää pikkujoulua, happy Little Christmas!

Here is a list of almost all the music we have released so far. We hope you enjoy and we promise that more is to come!

100 Songs release

Great news! We have a new release in collaboration with the great folks over at 100 SONGS!

Watch video: http://bit.ly/1A6IGgn

#3 Tell my love

#7 Halfway to anywhere


Halfway is the song that laid the foundation for Timshel in 2011 and became our flag ship. Now, three years later we are happy to present the 2014 album version together with a video.
We think the song is about remembering and realizing what matters and therefore we would like to dedicate this to our loved ones who have been supporting us since the start!

We hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend. Now let's party like it's 1925!

Malmöfestivalen and Loch & Quay

We are doing a two shows in Sweden and playing in Stockholm and Malmö.

Foto: Lars Bendroth